Top Summer Foods To Gain Weight Fast
Top Summer Foods To Gain Weight Fast
        We all know that summer is not like printer or winter. In printer and winter people eat too much for keeping warm all the day because it becomes cold and sometimes frozen. In summer people seek for being fresh and active so that they do not eat too much as in winter and printer or they avoid eating typical foods especially the cooked ones. Eating too much in summer makes them feel exhausted and boring because of the hot weather.
 But people who are looking forward to gaining weight, the matter of keeping away from eating too much or avoiding eating the certain food is not suitable for them if they want to reach their goal easily.
In order to be fresh and active like others what this kind of people have to eat or drink for gaining weight? Because they must take 3000 calories per day and sometimes 5000 calories. Maybe this question makes you worry.

            By the way, don’t worry; because the food is not measured by its quantity, rather it is measured by its quality and its ingredients. That is to say, you can only eat few amounts of food but it contains a huge number of calories that your body need per day to gain weight fast so that you can also feel fresh and active like other ones.
There are some kinds of food and drinks which will help you to solve your summer issue with food such as Salad, Juices, Eggs, Fruits, Meat, Nuts, Butter, Whole milk, Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

     The salad is divided into two aspects vegetable salad and fruit salad. Not only these salads are fresh but also they contain higher calories that will accelerate your chance to gain weight fast. You can also add a cup of Yoghurt to the fruit salad so that it can test very delicious beside of being fresh and rich. Vegetable salad is better to be eaten at Lunch whereas fruit salad at Dinner or after it.

      When it becomes hot people choose something cold and fresh. Juices are the most common consumed drinks in summer. But what people don’t know about these juices is that there are two types of them. Juices and drink juices.
          Juices are the ones that you make at home by yourself by mixing fruits with milk such as Avocado juice ect…. These kinds of juices are healthy and they are also very useful for persons who want to gain weight because they contain higher calories also they are nature.
 Remember, for people who want to gain weight, these juices must be taken after the sports exercises (heavy lift, Gym…).

          Drink juices are the ones which are sold in stores or in grosser shops. These kinds of drinks are not healthy because they cause many bad health effects, especially cancer exactly like soda drinks. So that they are not good for anyone, they are unhealthy drinks
There are also vegetable juices and Fruit mixed juices. This later is by mixing 2 or more fruits with milk in one juice. Also, you can add Dates and Nuts (walnut, almonds…) to this juice. Personally, I advise people who seek for gaining weight fast to drink this kind of juice because it contains more than 5000 calories. So by taking one huge cup of juice especially mixed juice is like you eat so many kinds of food at the same time besides it makes you fresh.
       Eggs are also good for gaining weight because it contains essential things for health like proteins, vitamins, and Iron. The health scientists reveal that eating 2 eggs is like eating 250g of red meat. There are too many ways of which you can eat eggs, for example, Omelets, Scrambled eggs and so on. Eggs are good to be taken at Breakfast.

          Raw Fruits considered as the fresh and the rich meals that can help to gain weight fast because they contain Iron and Vitamins. These fruits can be defined as Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Melon, Watermelon, Peach, and ect…. Most of the fruits contain a higher level of calories so that they permit you to gain weight fast and also to be fresh at the same time when it becomes hot.

       Butter, Peanut Butter, and Whole milk are the most common use food in summer because they are another source of proteins and vitamins that your body need to gain weight fast. They are also fresh and easy to be eaten. These foods work effectively when they are taken at Breakfast and Snacks

        Meat is the main source of proteins, there are so many different types of meat like for example Red Meat, Fish meat and Birds meat like chicken. But Red meat and Fish meat especially sardine and salmon are the principle sources of proteins, these meats can be cooked or roasted as well as they guarantee the opportunity of gaining weight fast because they contain higher calories. Lunch time and Dinner time are the preferable time to take these meats.

       Not only chocolate tasted delicious but also it contains higher calories and makes you feel hungry all the time after taken it because it makes your appetite open so that your stomach is going to seek for food. Chocolate especially the dark one is another summer food which will make you feel active or fresh and also will help you to gain weight fast because of its rich ingredients that contain higher calories.
Chocolate is better to be taken after each meal because it makes you feel hungry all the time.
The Top Daily Diet Plan To Gain Weight Fast

     By following typical plans can ensure to increase your chance to gain weight fast. The word plan means to organize, organizing your eating behaviors means to know What to eat, How much you eat and When you eat, these 3 pieces of information about your food are very important in order to reach your goal easily.

Top Daily Diet Plan To Gain Weight Fast
Top Daily Diet Plan To Gain Weight Fast
     For gaining weight fast your food must contain vegetables, proteins and vegans, as well as you, have to eat approximately 3000 calories per day in a week or more. Except in the 6th and the 7th day, because you have to take approximately more than 5000 calories especially for those who practicing heavy Weights because in these two last days your body need more proteins. Remember that the matter of gaining weight depends on your gender, body size, and activity level. Also, remember that his plan must be followed for months not only for one week or two

      Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner are the four known meals. Morning snack and Evening snack are other meals that will be added to your diets in order to help you to gain weight. Morning snack is added after two hours from breakfast. Evening snack is added after 2 or three hours after taking dinner.

The 1st day

 Food items
Total Ca per day

The 1st day

Granola, Greek Yogurt, Toppings and nuts

    3096 Ca
Morning snack 
 1table spoon of peanut butter, 2 Oatcakes and 1nectarine
2 whole pita bread, 100g roast chicken, 1 medium avocado sliced or mashed   
    50g trail mix

140g salmon fillet, 100g Brawn basmati  Rice, Green peas , Tahini Broccoli, cooked Broccoli tossed in 1 tbsp Olive Oil, 1 tbsp Tahini  and a squeeze of lemon juice  

Evening snack
Medium Banana

 The 2nd day

      Food items
Total Ca per day

 The 2nd day

Scrambled eggs on Rye toast and ½ cup prune juice

        3007 Ca
Morning snack
28g pumpkin seeds  and
1 pear
100g dry weight Quinoa, cooked, 56g Buffalo Mozzarella,28g Toasted Pine Nuts, large handful of baby Spinach, 1tbsp Olive Oil and 1 bunch fresh Basil
Afternoon snack
3 Oatcakes and 3 tbsp Hummus
 Whole Wheat Spelt Penne, 100g shrimp(Prawn) & 85g Cherry Tomato Sauce, mixed salad,1tbsp olive oil, 2tbsp chopped Parsley,1tsp Balsamic vinegar
Evening snack
½ Banana,1tbsp almond Butter, a large handful of blueberries,125g Whole milk Yoghurt

The  3rd day

     Food items
Total calories


     The  3rd day

Blueberry, Nuts& Cinnamon Oatmeal.
Oatmeal: 60g oats.25ml/1 cup whole milk, 28g Raisins, 2 tbsp Ground Almonds, ½ tsp Cinnamon.
Topping: 28g Walnuts or pecans, 1 Handful Blueberries.  125ml ½ cup Grape juice

    2996 Ca
 Morning    snack
Large Handful Cashew Nuts & raisins
Smoked  Mackerel pâté: 100g Smoked  Mackerel Fillet, mashed with 2 tbsp Natural Yoghurt,1tbsp chopped Dill, a squeeze of lemon and black Pepper.   6 Oatcakes, 1 Apple
 Afternoon    snack
Granola Bar

120g Grilled fillet steak, Baked Potato with Garlic Butter, spinach &Green Beans, sautéed in 1 tbsp Olive Oil
Evening snack
1small pot Greek Yoghurt, small banana, 10g Crushed Walnuts and 10g crushed dark chocolate
The 4th day is a vegetarian day

Food items
Total calories

  The 4th day
3vegeterian sausages, 2 Grilled Portabella Mushrooms, 1 large Grilled Tomato, 85g Baked Beans, 2 Slices Buttered Wheat Toast, 1 cup Pineapple Juice.


      3357 Ca
Morning snack
 1 Banana,1tsp  Honey &Almond Smoothie
Goat’s Cheese, Walnuts & Cranberry salad: mixed salad leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, 28g walnuts, 2tbsp dried cranberries, tbsp Olive Oil, 1tbsp Balsamic Vinegar, 2 Wheat Pita Bread
Afternoon snack
2 Rye Crackers,
 2 tbsp Cream Cheese, 28g Pumpkin Seeds
3 Eggs, 1Zucchini, 56g Parmesan, 1tbsp Olive Oil for cooking, 1 Medium sweet potato cut into Wedges, roasted in sunflower Oil, Green salad, dressed with 1 tbsp Olive Oil and Lemon Juice.
Evening snack
40g  85%  Dark chocolate

The day 5 is for vegan

Food items
Total calories

The 5th day
2 Slices Wheat Toast
3 tbsp Peanut Butter
Large bowl of fruit salad

   3146 Ca
Morning snack
Oatmeal Raisin Cliff Bar
Lentil & Avocado salad, Spinach and Watercress Salad, ½ Avocado, cubed, Green Lentils, 28g Toasted Pine Nuts, 1tbsp Olive Oil, squeeze of lemon juice
Afternoon snack
10 Brazil Nuts
1 Banana
TOFU, Cashew & Broccoli Stir-Fry: 100g soba Noodles
               100g Firm Tofu,
56g Cashew Nuts, 1tbsp sesame Oil, 50g  broccoli , 50g  Baby Com

Evening snack
1/3 tub of  Hummus
Carrot & Celery sticks

The 6th and the 7th day are higher calories days

       Food items
Total calories

The 6th  day
Bircher Muesli:  200g Greek Yogurt, 80g/1/2 cup Oats,   50g Hazelnuts, chopped Raisins, 1Apple Grated, 1 Glass Grape juice

  5018 Ca
Morning snack

       56g mixed Nuts
Green salad Leaves, 1/2 Avocado, Cherry tomatoes, 85g Char Grilled Artichokes in Oil, 1tbsp Olive Oil, Lemon juice,  28g Pine Nuts,  28g Pumpkin Seeds.  56g feta,  Buttered Wheat Roll
 Afternoon snack
 1  can Sardines in Tomato Sauce
  2 Slices Buttered Rye Bread
150g Beef Mince , 1 small Onion, ½ Can Tomatoes, 1tbsp Olive Oil, 100g whole wheat Spaghetti,  20g Parmesan, Green  salad  with 1tbsp Olive Oil and lemon juice,  50g  Dark Chocolate
 Evening snack
28g Almonds
 56g Granola
125/1/2 cup whole milk

        Food items
Total calories

The 7th-day
4 Egg Omelette with 150g Smoked salmon,   Whole Wheat English Muffin , Buttered,   1 Glass of Prune juice

   5059 Ca
Morning snack
2 scoops whey protein Powder
100g Greek Yogurt,  ½ cup whole milk
 1small Banana, 1 handful of Blueberries
150g  Quinoa,  150g Roast chicken
 Baby spinach, 1tbsp Olive Oil
Lemon juice, 56g  Walnuts
 Greek yogurt,1/2 cup Raspberries, 1oz Flaked Almonds
Afternoon snack
Cliff Protein Bar
170g Halibut Fillet, topped with 2 Pesto, 1tbsp Olive Oil, baked in foil.
150g Brow  Rice
 85g Pea's Sweet Com
Evening snack
3Oat Cakes
3 slices of ham, 28g cottage cheese
The Top 10 advices to gain weight fast

Top advices to gain weight
Top 10 advices to gain weight
1.      Desire and mental thinking. You have to trust in yourself; listen to your feelings and be sure that there  is no something easy non hard, you can do what others do, only just try and don’t give up you can gain weight after you  were slim, everything is possible if you try and be patient.

2.      Doing gym or sport with using plane time and do not practice wrong exercises that will not help you to provide you mass builders.

3.      Using compound exercises can help to gain weight fast. These exercises are those which stimulate the most muscle fiber and create the biggest growth respond from your body. These sport exercises are: squats, dead lifts  pull ups ,military press, bench press, bent over rows 

4.      Do not taking advice from magazines because their only goal is to earn money and buying goods for other companies and they aren’t aware abut your body s need.

5.      Do not trust pictures in magazines because they mightn’t be skinny guys before as you. You as skinny guy you need a set of ways and steps to gain weight, and these steps are not the ones these guys in magazines pictures fellow.

6.      Do not spend your money on buying supplements because most of them are useless and not effective. Some companies use your intention to gain weight in order to gain money and every time they create new names for these supplement (PILLS;  POWDER) even if are the same ones that you have already used.
But it doesn’t mean that there are no effective supplements that you can trust for gaining weight fast, just you have to know When and How to take them.
In case of taking supplements as way of gaining weight I advise you to take this top supplement: CB1 weight gainer because it allows you to gain and maintain your weight gain internally, not like other supplements which only make you gain weight for couple of days.
7.      Taking in consideration the muscles building hormones. There 6 main hormones that has an effective role to gain weight fast. These hormones can be defined as : Testosterone, Insulin, Glucagon, Crotisol, Growth  hormones (Gh) and Insulin like Growth factor 1(IGH1). These hormones must be manipulated in order to double your opportunity to gain weight fast

8.     Do not practice sport exercises more than it supposed to be. You may think that practicing sport every day and lifting heavy weights will help you to gain way fast. But this is completely wrong. Doing sports every day destroy your body s muscles as a result you will not benefit from these exercises. Moreover, this method will cause you bad healthy results.
The best strategy is to practice sport 3 times per week, which means 3 days in a week, because your body need rest and food that contain higher calories so that you can elicit a growth response from your body, because you get bigger when your body repairs that damage muscle tissue. It responds by repairing the muscle fibers and building them bigger and stronger than they were before.
In the other word, your muscles actually Growth when you resting not at the time that you were practicing sport. That’s why you need to feed yourself with enough calories to growth larger and also need to give it time to rest so it has a chance to repair and grow new muscle tissue. Rest after sport and food are the main factors that help you to gain weight fast.

9. You have to eat the exact food that will help to gain weight. Food it is not measured by its quantity, rather it is measured but its quality because You may think that eating a huge quantity will help you to build your muscles and this is false. You need to feed your muscles what they really need to grow.
Don’t eat cakes, hot dogs or cookies because these things make you be fat. Rather you have to eat kind of protein carbs and fat.
Here is the best building food that you can eat.
  • The best protein sources are:
  1. Poltry
  2. Lean red meat
  3. Eggs
  4. Fish/seafood in general
  5. Cottage cheese
  6. Whey protein
  • The top carbs sources are:
  1. Brown rice
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Potatoes
  4. Yams
  5. Whole grain breads
  6. Beans
  7. Fruits
  • The best Fat sources are:
  1. Flax seed oil
  2. Fish oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Fish like salmon
  5. Nuts
  6. Avocadoes

10 . N.B  When and how much you eat is also important as what you eat. That is to say, for gaining weight fast is better to fellow a certain meal plan.
Best Weight Gain Pills
Best Weight Gain Pills
Do you want to add supplements to your diets in order to gain weight fast but you have lost the confidence on other supplements because they only make you gain weight for couple of days, and also because you’r afraid from taking these supplements because you don’t want to suffer from bad effects after taking particular ones ?  CB-1 supplement weight gainer is your solution.

               The American laboratory experts and scientist reveal that CB-1 weight gainer is a natural and safe weight gain pills. There many reasons which make CB-1 weight gainer the top supplement that you are looking for.
The first one is that CB-1 weight gainer is natural and safe, because it only contains natural herbs, minerals and vitamins, and these are the main important elements or ingredients that your bodies need to be built and keep weighty and healthy. It doesn’t consist of drug, steroids or other harmful ingredients which will make you suffer from several diseases for the rest of your life.
These are the ingredients of CB-1 weight gainer:

             Our appetite is one principle factor which permits us to eat and gain weight fast. Without this principal body element we can’t gain weight what ever we do. Sometimes we hate some kinds of food because of their test, smell or look, but they are very useful for gaining weight.
For people who are suffering from metabolism or weak appetite CB-1weight gainer is your Choice. CB-1 weight gainer makes you have an opening and eager appetite for food, that is to say, it allows you eat food that contains higher calories that you hate before. And this is the second reason why CB-1 gainer is your top choice.

       Thirdly.  Several weight gain pills are but multi-vitamins so that they aren’t gainer supplements. Others make you gain temporary weight not for the rest of your life as you want in deed.

 Not only CB-1 weight gain pills makes you maintain your gain weight but it also allows you to gain more weight after few days of use. In the other word as much you take CB-1weight gainer as much you maintain and gain weight fast for the rest of your life.

          The fourth reason is that CB-1 weightgainer is available in different terms for all genders Men, Women and Seniors and also for all ages. Every one can use and benefit from this product without being afraid. Moreover, CB-1 weight gainer is easy for use because it doesn’t need a prescription because it is already ready for the use.

           To sum up, the laboratory analysis ensured that each batch of CB-1 weight gainer contains the most pure and potent all-natural ingredients. The users noticed that they get 3.0 pounds after 4 weeks of use and these extra pounds maintain internally. That is to say you can gain weight fast and maintain it for the rest of your life with CB-1 weight gainer, because what you are really looking for is to gain and to maintain weight and this happened with CB-1 weight gain pills.